Bangor University

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1. The Counselling Service

The Counselling Service provides our students with access to counsellors who have professional qualifications in counselling and/or psychotherapy, and offer a wide variety of helping interventions in Welsh and English, both face-to-face and online. These include individual counselling, groups and workshops, online self-help resources and same day support sessions.

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2. Mental Health Advisers

The Mental Health Advisers assess students’ mental health needs and help to avert or manage crisis situations. They can advise individuals on strategies for making studying more manageable, and can provide information on mental health issues as well as available services and support.

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3. Equality and Diversity

The Student Equality and Diversity Officer at Bangor University is a specialist member of staff offering advice and guidance to students on a wide range of issues relating to harassment, hate crime, sexual and domestic violence.

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Last reviewed: 10 August 2020