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1. Learning Support, Inclusion and Diversity

The Learning Support team is available to all learners who disclose a learning difficulty or disability, providing information, advice, guidance and support. You can contact them at learningupport@bpp.com

The Inclusion Team provides learners with confidential advice on diversity issues and set up peer-to-peer networks. You can contact the Inclusion and Diversity team via inclusion@bpp.com

Find out more about Learning Support, Inclusion and Diversity

2. Safeguarding

Safeguarding is defined as the protection of learners and the promotion of their welfare. We take the wellbeing and welfare of all our learners very seriously. We have a dedicated BPP Safeguarding team, who work directly with learners, as well as BPP teams and external agencies to ensure your safety.

Contact the safeguarding team at safeguarding@bpp.com

3. Independent Advice

The Independent Advice service is free, confidential and unbiased. Our team provides academic advice when things don’t go to plan. We are also responsible for administering the Students’ Association Crisis Fund for students in financial emergency.

Contact Independent Advice at independentadvice@bpp.com

Last reviewed: 30 March 2021