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1. Student Health, Wellbeing and Disability Support

Coventry University London has its own Health, Wellbeing & Disability team, responsible for supporting all of our students. This includes providing a broad range of advice and guidance on personal, practical, health, wellbeing and emotional issues.

Support and guidance is also provided for students with disabilities and long term health conditions. This includes assistance with Disabled Students Allowance for eligible students as well as setting up Reasonable Adjustment Plans.

The Health, Wellbeing & Disability team work closely with all academic and professional services staff, as well as local external agencies.

The Student Support Team is here to support students with any personal, emotional or psychological concerns and will meet with students one-to-one to provide guidance and sign-post to the relevant resources. Resources at the university includes access to counselling, academic mentoring and study skills support.

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2. Student Engagement and Personal Advisors

Coventry University London offers all students Personal Advisors from within the Student Engagement Team.

Your Personal Advisor will provide guidance on personal and pastoral issues or sign-post students to the relevant professional support service. They will support you on your journey throughout your time at University and will be your first point of call to discuss issues affecting your personal well-being and progress at University.

Your Personal Advisor will:

  • Listen, guide and encourage
  • Signpost you to relevant professional support services
  • Help you see the bigger picture and the stepping stones, thereby encouraging engagement with all aspect of University life.

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Last reviewed: 3 November 2020