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1. Counselling and Mental Health Support Service

The Counselling and Mental Health Support Service has now moved online. We offer free and confidential online support to all King’s students.
We are able to offer all UK - based students either 30 minute support appointments or 50 minute counselling and mental health sessions. We are offering non-UK based students support check-in appointments up to 30 minutes.

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2. Student Services Online

Student Services Online is the fastest way for students to find answers to their questions about King’s College London’s student services, including mental health & wellbeing support. If you can’t find the answer you need, then you can contact our friendly and helpful Student Services team via bespoke enquiry forms.

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3. Disability Support Service

The Disability Support Team offers information, advice and guidance to prospective and current disabled students. When we refer to the term 'disability' we also include long-term medical or mental health conditions and Specific learning difficulties (SpLDs).

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4. Faculty Wellbeing and Welfare Advisors

The Faculty Wellbeing and Welfare Advisors work closely with your faculty, KCLSU and King’s support services to ensure you have what you need to succeed while studying at King’s.

We know there are a lot of support avenues for you to access at King’s, and the team can help you navigate these. They will work closely with your Personal Tutor and you will see them around campus, offering drop-in wellbeing appointments where you can talk to them one-to-one.

Throughout your studies, you may find that your personal sense of wellbeing may vary; if it does, we have many routes to support you and resources for you to support yourself.

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