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1. Health and Wellbeing Support

Health and Wellbeing support can help with any practical, emotional, or mental-health-related issues that are affecting your life at the Conservatoire. Depending on your needs, this could be:

  • Wellbeing advice: Practical and personal support with any aspect of student life.
  • Mental health support: Tailored support for longer-term mental health difficulties.
  • Occupational therapy: Overcoming challenges by completing everyday tasks or activities to help you live your best life at home and university.
  • Short-term counselling: Confidential, emotional support to explore difficult situations or feelings.
  • An invitation to a group workshop.
  • Signposting or referral to appropriate internal or external support.

Contact: healthandwellbeing@leedsconservatoire.ac.uk

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2. Disability Support

The conservatoire’s student Disability Advisers will be happy to discuss your support needs to make sure that you receive the right support, adjustments, advice and guidance to help you succeed with your studies. Many students’ support needs are met through adjustments to teaching and learning.

Contact: disability@leedsconservatoire.ac.uk

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3. Funding and Accommodation Support

The Student Funding & Accommodation team can provide information, support and guidance on all matters including Student Finance, bursaries & scholarships, money & financial help and support, accommodation & house-hunting, getting on with flatmates, and any issues with accommodation or landlords.

Contact: studentfunding@leedsconservatoire.ac.uk or accommodation@leedsconservatoire.ac.uk

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Last reviewed: 23 April 2024