Liverpool Hope University

Find out what support is available at your university or college.

1. Student Life Services

The Student Life Team at Liverpool Hope provide advice and support to students covering a range of services including, counselling; mental health support; disability/learning support; student finance and money issues, and general health and wellbeing. You can also find information on how to report an incident, and what to do if you need urgent mental wellbeing support.

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2. Learning Support Service (Disability)

The Learning Support Service provides help and advice to prospective and current disabled students, covering a wide range of disability-related issues.

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3. Wellbeing Advice and Support

Here you can find out more about the University's Counselling and Mental Health Services and how to access them. You can also find information regarding how to access local GP and dental services.

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4. Need Help Now?

As well as information regarding university support services, students can also access information on a range of local and national support services that they can contact, should they wish to access urgent/crisis support for their mental wellbeing outside of university business hours. Information is also available on how to contact the University Campus Services Teams 24/7 in an emergency/crisis.

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5. Student Money Advice

Get help and advice covering a range of money issues including tuition fees, student bursaries, hardship support, budgeting, and general student finance issues.

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Last reviewed: 5 April 2024