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1. Mental Health and Wellbeing

It's normal not to always feel your best. You’re never on your own at LSBU and there are a range of 24/7 resources you can access, including telephone support from a counsellor and anonymous peer support.

You can also always speak to a Mental Health and Wellbeing Advisor at LSBU. We provide a supportive space to discuss difficulties, advise on what might help you feel better, and work together with you to create a support plan, which can include counselling if you want it to.

If you're experiencing any personal, emotional, social or mental health difficulties that impact your studies, we’re encourage you to get in touch or book an in-person, telephone or MS Teams appointment via MyAccount.

2. Student Advice

We know that financial challenges can be stressful. Our Senior Student Advisors can provide advice on a range of financial issues, such as:

  • Money management and budgeting
  • Maximising your income
  • Student Finance
  • Welfare benefits
  • Referrals to specialist debt advice
  • Cost of living support

You can book an in-person, telephone or MS Teams appointment via MyAccount.

3. Disability & Dyslexia Support

Disability & Dyslexia Support (DDS) is a dedicated service for students who have a disability. Our Disability Advisors provide advice about the support available to you and will help coordinate your support to ensure that there are no barriers to your learning, enabling you to get the most from your time at LSBU.

The word disability can mean different things to different people – there may be support available to you even if you don’t consider yourself to be disabled. We support students with any long term condition (using the definition of disability in the Equality Act 2010) that has an impact on day to day activity, including study.

You can contact or book an in-person, telephone or MS Teams appointment with a Disability Advisor via MyAccount

4. Report & Support

At LSBU, we take the safety of our staff and students seriously. We believe that hate, harassment, sexual violence, bullying, domestic abuse and discrimination are never acceptable.

If you experience, witness or hear about any of these things, you can let us know by logging it on Report & Support. You'll be contacted with an offer of confidential support - this is about ensuring you understand your options and can make informed choices about formally reporting and/or accessing support. There's no judgement, there's no pressure and you're always in control of what happens next.

Find out more about Report & Support

5. Thrive

If you're living in LSBU Accommodation, you have additional access to Thrive, the residential wellbeing team. They offer a listening ear and can help connect you with support you want to access.


Find out more about Thrive

6. Multi-Faith Support

Multi-Faith Support is a team of local Associate Chaplains who want to connect with the LSBU community and witness to the presence of faith here.

Chaplains are known as good listeners. They offer welcome and hospitality to everyone who wants this, as well as helping those who want to live their faith on campus.

They also support students who are affected by bereavement or other life challenges, and are happy to explore questions of faith and spirituality whilst always being respectful and open to the individual’s worldview.

Find out more about Multi-Faith Support

7. Students' Union

The LSBU Student Union (SU) team is here to support you and help you get the best out of your time at LSBU.

Through the SU, you can join societies, attend events and develop skills outside of your course.

The SU also offers an independent advice service, providing information on issues such as complaints or disciplinaries, as well as supporting you through the academic appeals process.

Find out more about the Students' Union

8. Security Services

LSBU’s security team works with students, staff and visitors to ensure a safe and secure learning environment. All campuses and halls of residence have 24/7 security. If you are on campus and see or suspect fire, serious injury, or if you are the victim of a crime incident, please call the university's emergency number: 020 7815 6666. You can also request support via the SafeZone App.

Find out more about Security Services

Last reviewed: 8 February 2024