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1. Disability Support

Support for student with disabilities, neurodivergence and additional needs. Disability Support offers advice and guidance to both prospective and current students within the University. Coordinating Learning Support Plans to arrange reasonable adjustments for exams and assessments, supporting the transition to higher education, as well as offer support to those who think they may have a disability.


2. Mental Health Support

Mental Health Advisors can support students struggling with their mental health regardless of whether they have a mental health diagnosis. Students can be offered 1:1 confidential appointments when facing personal circumstances which is affecting their mental health and impacting their studies.


3. Student Money Advice

Student Money Advice is offered to prospective or current students to support them with confidential and practical advice on student matters whilst studying, such as budgeting advice, support with hardship and guidance on Student Finance England loans.

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4. Student Support First Point

First Point on campus is a place a student can come, no appointment necessary, to ask Student Support any query. Whether that be on general student matters, support for disabled students or money advice, students can drop by and speak to a member of Student Support every day 1-2pm.


5. Sexual Violence Support

If you or someone you know has experienced or witnessed sexual violence, micro-aggression or any form of harassment, discrimination or hate you can report it anonymously or report it and get support from a trained member of professional staff.

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Last reviewed: 20 February 2024