Staffordshire University

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1. Student Wellbeing Service

The Student Wellbeing Service at Staffordshire University provides support and services to students experiencing difficulties with their wellbeing and mental health. Our team of Mental Health and Wellbeing practitioners are available to access on Campus as well as online. We work to a stepped-care model, offering a confidential space to talk through any difficulties you may be struggling with and offer therapy and/or support that is most appropriate to you.

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2. Staffordshire University Students' Union

Students' Union Elected Officers

Your Officer Team are here to represent your academic interests. They lead and shape the direction of your Students' Union and create game changers on the issues that matter to you. If you need help, and don’t know where to go, your Officers can help, so please get in touch.

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Students' Union Advice Team

Worried about money? Things not going well on your course? Problems with your housing situation? We provide free, confidential and independent advice to students just like you. We’re the on-campus experts on student finance, student housing and academic issues, so drop us an email on or call 01782 294629.

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Students' Union FoodHub

We’re here to make sure students don’t go hungry. If you’re struggling with money, and are running low on food, our friendly team are here to support you. We can organise immediate access to food and basic necessities in the short-term whilst offering money advice to find a longer-term solution.

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Last reviewed: 23 November 2023