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1. Learning Support

The learning support team, based at the University Centre, are here to offer advice, guidance and support. The University Centre welcomes all students with disabilities and learning difficulties and we want all our students to succeed and achieve their full potential. The role of the dedicated support staff is to help students get the most out of their studies and their time at University Centre Leeds.

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2. Mental Health Support

Support is available for students who may experience difficulties with their mental health while studying at University Centre Leeds. Support offered includes short-term counselling, referral and signposting information.

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3. Financial Support

There is financial support and advice available to you to ensure you feel prepared financially whilst you study. If you are struggling to understand how student finance works, you need to find out what funding you may be eligible for, or you need help to manage your money, Student Support can help. This includes Disabled Students Allowance, bursaries and hardship payments.

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4. Wellbeing and Welfare Support

Support and advice on how to balance your studies, access information about digital wellbeing, staying safe, sexual health, food banks and external support contacts is available to students.

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5. Care Leavers and Estranged Students Support

We are conscious of the unique challenges that care experienced and estranged students often encounter as they begin their studies at university, and recognise that without support, you may find it harder to enter and remain in higher education. By addressing these challenges and working directly with you, we hope that anyone who has experienced time in care or is currently studying and living without the support of their parents feels that UC Leeds could be a supportive place in more ways than one.

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6. Refugees and Asylum Seekers Support

We want to help refugees and asylum seekers by addressing barriers including overcoming financial, emotional and cultural hurdles, and supporting them to achieve their potential. Our brand values mean that we endeavour to continue supporting and reducing barriers, and meet the needs of each and every student. We believe every student has the right to learn and excel and we value students from all walks of life.

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7. Careers and Progression Support

We offer a variety of services to improve your employability and prepare you for your desired career path after you study. Access practical tips from getting a part-time job to finding graduate positions, from learning how to craft the perfect CV to connecting with industry and from joining our Student Ambassadors programme to finding volunteering opportunities.

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Last reviewed: 7 September 2023