University of Bath

Find out what support is available at your university or college.

1. Wellbeing Service

We provide wellbeing and welfare advice and support to all students. You can come and talk to us about anything that's bothering you.

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2. Counselling & Mental Health Service

We provide counselling and mental health support and help you find other specialist services. We also run groups and workshops to help you to cope with with stress and succeed in your studies.

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3. Student Money Advice

We provide practical advice on managing money, sourcing additional income and hardship funding. Do come and see us to discuss any financial difficulties.

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4. Students' Union Advice & Support Centre

We are here to support you with any problems you may have including academic, housing and personal issues. Our Advisers offer confidential, independent and non-judgemental advice and support from general guidance, to helping you understand policy and procedure, supporting you through reporting issues and being a support Adviser in meetings.

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