University of Buckingham

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1. Mental health support

Your mental health is very important to us at the University of Buckingham and we can offer a quick service where you can speak to a trained mental health adviser about your emotional health and wellbeing. Working alongside the NHS we can refer in a prompt manner should it be necessary to seek external help.

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2. Student Counselling Service

The University of Buckingham provides free counselling sessions with an in-house psychotherapist and counsellor. Services range from person centred work through to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. The waiting list is minimal and all students are seen and assessed within 48 hours.

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3. Complex Needs Service

At the University of Buckingham we offer a free confidential service with a specialist Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol adviser. You can attend a regular appointment or just "drop-in" at one of the prearranged drop-in sessions.

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