University of Cumbria

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1. Mental Health and Wellbeing Team

Our Mental Health and Wellbeing Team incorporates Counselling, Psychotherapy and Mental Health Case Worker support, and Mental Health Mentoring.
Our Mental Health Case Workers, and qualified and trainee Psychological Therapists offer confidential support and advice in a number of ways:

  • Information on how to access services provided by the NHS and Social Services
  • Support for disabled students including some aspects of mental health
  • Counselling and therapy service
  • Information for staff and students

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2. Disability and SpLD Team

We aim to provide a supportive environment that allows all individuals to flourish, and actively encourage applications from disabled people. We are committed to widening participation and provide a range of services to enable those with disability (including a mental health condition) or specific learning difficulty (SpLD) to access their chosen course.