University of Greenwich

Find out what support is available at your university or college.

1. Counselling

From confidential one-to-one counselling to motivational and self-development group workshops, our services are here to help, guide and support your university experience

Find out more about counselling or get in touch by email.

2. Mental Health & Wellbeing

Our Mental Health and Wellbeing services provides a confidential and supportive space for you to discuss any difficulties, access practical support, and assist you in accessing external support services where required. You can also attend a range of self-help workshops which are advertised throughout the year

To book an appointment please call 020 8331 7875 or contact us by email.

3. Disability & Dyslexia Support

The Disability & Dyslexia service provides information, guidance and support to students who have a disability, long term health condition, specific learning difficulty, such as dyslexia and/or a mental health condition, such as anxiety or depression. We can also help you to access reasonable adjustments, to support your studies.

To find out more, get in touch by email.