University of Liverpool

Find out what support is available at your university or college.

1. Advice and Guidance

Advice and Guidance provides initial advice on issues which may be affecting your general welfare. If you are not sure who to ask for advice, or you just need to talk to someone in a quiet and confidential space, you would be welcome to contact us.

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2. Counselling Service

The Counselling Service is here to help you address personal or emotional problems. Our service provides a supportive pathway with a stepped care model; this means that you can access help quickly and get the most effective help for your needs. Our support includes Single Session therapy and longer term therapy

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3. Mental Health Advisory Service

The University’s Mental Health Advisors provide specific services to students attending the University of Liverpool who experience complex or significant mental health difficulties. Whilst the service does not replace those provided by the NHS, including crisis services, it does compliment them. We provide someone to talk to within the University should a student need to.

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Last reviewed: 27 July 2020