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Find out what support is available at your university or college. The information on this page was compiled by the institution themselves to ensure accuracy.

1. HealthyU

To support you to make the most of your time at university, HealthyU is here to provide information and advice on a range of health issues important to students.

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2. University Counselling Service

The University Counselling Service is a free confidential, bespoke service available to students and staff. As well as one to one counselling, we offer therapeutic groups and a program of interactive workshops covering a wide range of issues commonly encountered at university.

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3. University Mental Health Advisory Service

University Mental Health Advisory Service is a referral-only service which aims to support students presenting with significant mental health problems. Mental Health Advisors are mental health professionals employed by the University to offer specialist advice and support.

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4. Support and Wellbeing Officers

Support and Wellbeing Officers are on hand to help support you alongside your personal tutor. They can provide guidance, help and advice if you're experiencing difficulties.

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5. Chaplaincy

Chaplains are here to support students and staff of any faith or none. They provide general pastoral support as well as supporting students with their journey of faith, practice of faith, or exploration of faith.

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6. Students’ Union Advice

Students’ Union Advice can help students with information, advice and representation around all aspects of student welfare and education, such as financial, housing and course issues.

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7. Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services provides student led support if you have a disability including mental health difficulty.

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8. Nottingham Nightline

Nottingham Nightline is an anonymous listening and support service for students. Nightliners are on duty every night from 7pm - 8am during term-time to listen to any problem you may have.

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9. Positive Minds

Positive Minds is a student run service providing support to students who may have low mood depression or anxiety.

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10. EDISS (First Steps eating Disorders in Student Services)

First Steps offer a non-judgmental service that provides holistic support to lives impacted by eating disorders –no diagnosis required!

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Last reviewed: 31 July 2020