University of Oxford

Find out what support is available at your university or college.

1. College support

Colleges act as a first port of call for student welfare concerns. Many are providing additional support in light of the ongoing pandemic, in particular for those who are self-isolation. Your college welfare lead can be contacted for more information.

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2. University welfare services

All Student Welfare and Support Services are available remotely. This includes:

  • The Counselling Service
  • Disability Advisory Service
  • Peer Support Programme (including student rainbow peers and peers of colour)
  • Student Resolution Service
  • Sexual Harassment and Violence Support Service
  • A series of blogposts and podcasts focused on COVID-19 have also been specifically developed to support students during the pandemic.

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3. External support

University and college support is being supplemented with online resources. This includes:

  • Togetherall: a free service for all Oxford students giving you access to a global welfare community 24/7. To join, register under "I'm from a university or college" with your Oxford e-mail address.
  • Student Space: includes information and tools to help you through the challenges of the pandemic and has dedicated support services for students, by phone or text.
  • The NHS's Every Mind Matters: provides free advice for looking after your mental health.

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