University of Stirling

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1. Student Services Hub

The Student Services Hub brings lots of support services together to help you resolve a whole range of queries through a single point of contact, easily access the services you need, and thrive during your time at the University of Stirling.

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2. Mental Health, Wellbeing & Counselling

We provide access to qualified mental health advisers, and a team of qualified counsellors as well as Mental Heath Mentors and Advisers. We provide One At a Time Counselling free of charge to all students, and also provide 24/7 online support via Together All (formally Big White Wall.)

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3. Gender Based Violence Support

We provide support to any student or member of staff who has been affected by any form of gender based/sexual violence. We have a comprehensive website, Report & Support tool, wide ranging support resources and a team of trained & accredited Sexual Violence Misconduct & Liaison Officers. We also partner with Rape Crisis on campus and can make referrals to the service.

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