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1. Disability and Wellbeing Team

The disability and wellbeing team offer a range of tailored, professional advice and guidance to help you achieve your potential. They can offer general wellbeing advice or help set up specialist support arrangements. Please book an appointment if you're worried about personal circumstances or any other health condition which is affecting your studies.

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2. Mental Health Advisors

Our Mental health advisers have specialist knowledge of how mental health conditions might impact your study. They can help you access specialist support or treatment if required, and will support you to develop the strategies needed to thrive at university. Please complete our self-referral form if you are struggling with your mental health, or if you have an existing mental health condition which might affect your studies - even if you feel ok at the moment.

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3. Student Assistance Programme

Provided by health assured, All students at our Ipswich Campus can access 24/7 telephone counselling support and our health & wellbeing support app via the student assistance programme. Please contact student life or follow the link below for more information.

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4. Students' Union Advice

We give friendly and non-judgemental advice on a range of issues to help you make the most of your student experience! The SU Advice Service is completely free for students and it's independent from the University. You can talk to an adviser about anything and be confident that we’re listening. If there's something we can't help you with, we'll know someone else who can! We'll take our time to explore your options with you and talk about your next steps.

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5. Money Advice and Blackbullion

We recognise that finance can be a source of stress for many, leading to physical and mental health difficulties. At Suffolk, we have a range of support to help manage your money including finance FAQ's, 1:1 appointments with a finance adviser and Blackbullion.

Blackbullion is a learning platform designed to help you develop essential money skills for life. The university has partnered with them to provide access to their learning content for free to all students.

How can I use Blackbullion?

  1. Go to
  2. Click REGISTER
  3. Select “I am a University student”
  4. Enter your University email address and create a password

If you require specialist advice around your finances, 1:1 appointments can be booked with a finance adviser via the link below.

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6. Chaplaincy

The University is a multi-cultural and multi-faith community. We welcome students from a diverse range of backgrounds, all ages, all genders. On the Ipswich campus there is a warm and vibrant multi-faith chaplaincy welcoming both staff and students of all faiths and no faith. it strives to create community between people of different faiths as well as celebrating what is unique to each faith.

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X: @chaplaincyatuniofsuffolk

7. Student Life

Student Life advisers can help you with the transition into university life. If you have questions about finance, careers, wellbeing or extenuating circumstances, they can offer advice and support you to make sure you get the help you need.

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Last reviewed: 5 April 2024