University of Winchester

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1. Mental Wellbeing Team

Information, support and advice about your mental health and wellbeing.


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2. Disability and Learning Diversity Team

Supporting students with a disability, dyslexia, those in receipt of DSA, assistive tech and learning agreements.


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3. Students and Money Team

Advice, information and guidance about government funding, university funding and other sources of support.


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4. Academic Skills Team

Support with time management, essay writing, presentation skills, preparing for exams, referencing, improving essay grades and dissertations.


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5. International Student Success Team

The International Student Success Team is there to support international students.


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6. Housing Team

The Team provides advice, information and experience to students to enable them to make the choices most suitable to their housing needs and to make the most of their time in residences. We also aim to develop the life skills students will need to negotiate the housing market in the future as young professionals.


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7. Security Team

Security provide advice and assistance to students, visitors and staff. Duties include immediate response to accidents, alarms, first aid calls, concerns for the welfare of individuals, noise issues, key and door access, urgent out of hours maintenance, car parking and many other issues.


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8. Students' Union

We operate independently from the University of Winchester and specialise in supporting students with academic issues. We can also advise students on issues such as money worries, wellbeing or problems with housing. If we can’t help you we will signpost you on to someone who can!

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9. Chaplaincy

The Chaplaincy exists for everyone in the University, whether you are a person of faith or not. We are here to offer welcome, hospitality, a listening and confidential ear, prayer if requested, and the opportunity to explore the big questions of life. Tea, biscuits and a readiness to listen in confidence are in plentiful supply.


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Last reviewed: 4 January 2024