Walsall College

Find out what support is available at your university or college. The information on this page was compiled by the institution themselves to ensure accuracy.

1. Safeguarding and Counselling

If you are worried about yourself or another person being affected by bullying; cyber bullying; anxiety or depression; self-harming; discrimination; substance abuse; homelessness; radicalisation; sexual exploitation; emotional or mental wellbeing please email safeguardingteam@walsallcollege.ac.uk

Talking to someone is often the first stage of feeling better, so if you’re having a tough time, don’t forget that we have trained counsellors who can help you.

To make a booking email counsellingteam@walsallcollege.ac.uk

2. Careers Guidance Team

If you need careers advice and support before, during or after you’ve completed your course, our trained Careers Guidance Team can help by providing you with in-depth careers information advice and guidance to make sure you make the right informed choices.

They’ll help you decide which course is right for you, from providing up to date careers information and advice, to job-hunting tips, including applying to University, the whole UCAS process & HE Student Finance advice. Our Careers Guidance Team make it their job to offer the best possible impartial advice, guidance and support.

Contact us by email at guidanceteam@walsallcollege.ac.uk

3. Aspire to HE

Aspire to HE is a partnership, led by the University of Wolverhampton, who are committed to improving access to higher. Aspire work with the college to target students who may face additional barriers to accessing higher education, such as being the first the first in the family to attend university. The programmes work with selected level three students by offering them 1-2-1 guidance, specialist workshops and trips.

Email aspiretohe@walsallcollege.ac.uk to find out more

Last reviewed: 20 April 2021