Warrington & Vale Royal College

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1. Additional Wellbeing & ALS Support

We have a team of staff dedicated to providing learning support if it is required and a wellbeing team on hand to offer guidance, support and help when needed. All higher education students have access to a designated Progress Coach who also provides wellbeing support.

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2. Student Assistance Programme

All our adult learners can access this programme that is a 24 hour helpline run by Health Assured. Learners can find a wide range of support covering mental health, housing, financial information, drugs & alcohol and more.

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3. Additional Financial Support

Depending upon your circumstances, Warrington & Vale Royal College may be able to support you with any additional costs you are struggling with, which are not covered by the HE Loan you have been awarded. You must be in receipt of the HE Funding Loan to be eligible to apply to our Higher Education Further Assistance Fund.

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