Support for Black students

Online peer support workshops for Black (i.e. Black African, Black Caribbean, Mixed with Black heritage, African Diaspora) students.

If you’re a Black student, your experience of the pandemic has probably been shaped by a specific set of forces and lived experiences. It can often be helpful to find support and community with people who share those experiences.

Join our online peer support workshops designed for, facilitated by, and co-designed with Black students. It’s a space where you can learn more about mental health, explore what you’re experiencing, and find self-care and coping strategies.

This service is delivered by Black People Talk.

How to sign up

You can see a schedule for upcoming workshops and register on the Black People Talk website, linked below.

What happens in the workshop?

The workshops are 2 hours long and are limited to 20 people.

Each workshop is focused on a specific theme, such as:

  • Depression & low mood
  • Anxiety & stress
  • Race-based trauma and stress
  • Relationships.

Workshops usually include:

  • An introduction to current research and cultural explanatory models of mental health
  • Practical peer support session
  • Self-care and coping strategies discussion
  • Guest speakers from Black community groups, mental health services, university services

The workshops are led by trained facilitators, and the discussions are confidential. At the beginning of the session, the facilitator and participants agree on a confidentiality and safety agreement, which covers issues such as anonymity, confidentiality and disclosure.