Support for students recovering from addiction

One-to-one and group support for students recovering from addiction.

This support is delivered by Recovery Connections, an organisation specialising in peer-led substance use recovery.

We are offering the following support for students recovering from addiction:

1. One-to-one sessions

One-to-one support sessions for students recovering from addiction.

Weekly sessions delivered by a peer support specialist. After an assessment, you can attend 6 one-to-one sessions with a peer support specialist to help with your recovery journey.

What you can expect from these sessions

Your sessions will be designed based on what you need. During your initial assessment, the peer support specialist will explore potential issues and areas of discussion for your sessions. The specialist will also be able to provide relevant information and advice during the sessions.

Sessions will be conducted securely, online, and in confidence.

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2. Weekly recovery group session

A weekly online group session for students recovering from addiction.

Students can expect to learn about concepts of recovery, share and discuss recent experiences and ask questions. The group is an opportunity to find community with other students with similar experiences. The group will be led by a trained, expert facilitator.

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