Training for LGBTQ+ students on safety and abuse

Free online workshops for LGBTQ+ students and their allies.

This series of online workshop sessions for LGBTQ+ students and their allies provides a safe space which explores how to enhance the safety of LGBTQ+ students and empower them with practical knowledge.

These sessions are run by Galop, a charity that provides by-and-for support to the LGBTQ+ community on conversion therapy, hate crime, sexual violence, domestic abuse, and other forms of abuse.

Workshop topics

We are holding workshops on three topics:

  1. Anti-LGBT+ hate crime: including hate crime in the UK, the law, impacts, intersectional barriers to accessing support, and best practices for supporting students experiencing Anti-LGBT+ hate crime.

  2. Abuse and violence within LGBTQ+ relationships: including boundary-setting, communication coercive control and abusive behaviours, and where to get more information and support.

  3. Conversion therapy: focusing on current experiences of so-called “conversion therapy”, the intentions behind the practice, and how to make support accessible to victims and survivors.

How to sign up

You can find the session dates and times, and sign up for the workshops, using Galop’s webform. Please register for the topics you’re interested in. Galop will be able to recommend services for each individual region, but you’re welcome to join sessions in any region.

What happens in the workshop?

Galop is offering this series to improve LGBT+ students’ abilities to identify abuse, learn where and how to seek support, and feel empowered to support each other.

Each session will provide a safe space to explore the unique experiences you may have as an LGBTQ+ student at university, and offer techniques to manage the challenges you or your LGBTQ+ friends may face.

The sessions are led by an expert LGBTQ+ trainer, who is trauma-informed.

How to join a session

These free workshop sessions will be held online. You can join a session with LGBTQ+ students and allies from your own university, or an open session with LGBTQ+ students and allies from different universities across the country.

More about this service

Is it confidential?

The workshops are a confidential space, and the facilitator will set ground rules encouraging respect and confidentiality at the beginning of each session. Students are welcome to keep their camera off or alter their name on zoom for further privacy if they wish.

These workshop sessions are hosted by facilitators trained in safeguarding and confidentiality.

Trainers may collect demographic data for reporting, however, this will be anonymous and participants will not be personally identifiable.

Is it free?

Yes, these sessions are free.

Can I sign up for multiple sessions?

Yes, you can sign up for more than one session if you’re interested in multiple topics.

If you have further questions, please feel welcome to email

Can you accommodate access needs?

We are happy to accommodate any access needs. Please flag your access needs in the registration form and a member of our team will contact you to arrange it.