Family: expectations, female roles and masculinity

All Things Mental Health

All Things Mental Health is a young minds podcast. They bridge the gap between research and young people's lived experience of navigating their mental health, creating space for new dialogue to emerge through centring the voice of young minds. All Things Mental Health is in the top 15% of podcasts shared globally.

Eunice and Dazo explore family and what theirs means to them in relation to their own lived experience as a Black student.

Eunice and Dazo explore family expectations, female roles and masculinity, and how family has interfaced with their experience as students. Tune in to hear more about mental health stigma at home, generational trauma, traditional gendered expectations, along with the pivotal role family can have in helping students define the importance of community, and learning the essence of responsibility, resilience and strength.

This episode speaks to the perspectives of university students from an African and Christian background however some of the themes discussed may be similar or shared experiences from other backgrounds.

Views expressed by individuals are their own and don't necessarily represent those of Student Minds, All Things Mental Health and Colourful Minds.

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