Postgraduate research students: looking after your wellbeing

If you’re a postgraduate research student, you might be facing specific challenges for your wellbeing. Our tailor-made resources might help.

Research has shown that postgraduate research students face specific challenges to their wellbeing - from the research environment, to transitions between stages, experiments producing unexpected results, and the relationship with your supervisor; there are many unique elements to your journey.

The Wellbeing Thesis

Student Minds runs a site specifically for post-graduate research students called The Wellbeing Thesis. It was co-created by clinical and research experts working with Phd students in the UK.

You can find a range of written guidance, videos from students, experts and supervisors, animations and tools to help you maintain your wellbeing and complete your research.

Topics include:

Keeping my motivation for doing a PhD is quite difficult, it's difficult because quite often you're the one having to motivate yourself, you're doing self-directed work. The thing that helps me keep my motivation is thinking about why and thinking about what it was that made me want to do a PhD in the first place, about the potential impact that the finished product is going to have.

Maintaining your motivation

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