Postgraduate research students: looking after your wellbeing

If you’re a postgraduate research student, you might be facing specific challenges for your wellbeing. Our tailor-made resources might help.

Many post-graduate students have found their research badly disrupted by the pandemic. Reduced access to labs, materials and research subjects has made it much more difficult to complete basic research tasks and stay on track.

Given these challenges it is important to maintain your wellbeing, so that you can progress your research as far as is possible in the circumstances.

The Wellbeing Thesis

Student Minds runs a site specifically for post-graduate research students called The Wellbeing Thesis. It was co-created by clinical and research experts working with Phd students in the UK.

You can find a range of written guidance, videos from students, experts and supervisors, animations and tools to help you maintain your wellbeing and complete your research.

Topics include:

Find all the resources on The Wellbeing Thesis website